Annual Christmas Dinner 2017

Saturday 9th December saw the Annual Christmas Dinner for Housing Insight. An opportunity for the full team to get together and celebrate a very successful year.
We would like to thank our directors for the day and night and also thank you for supporting the team and leading us in the direction we have taken this year. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 holds.

PanConnect User Conference 1st February 2018

Our Annual user conference will be hosted by United Welsh. We welcome all current users of PanConnect and on the day we will publish our Development Roadmap along with development suggestions provided by our users from an open discussion forum

Supported Housing Seminar 30th November 2017

What an amazing turn out for our first Supported Housing Seminar in Cardiff

The aim of the seminar was to begin a partnership approach to start working together to resolve issues in the industry.  A common goal was highlighted and we developed our Supported People module in PanConnect to meet that goal and to help digitally transform organisations.


Nas Hayat from Housing Insight said, ‘We want to work with local authorities and providers to meet objectives in the sector and get their input into how we can develop our system further in the future’.


The seminar was led by Housing Insight in conjunction with POBL Group, who currently use the PanConnect system, and Llamau, who are implementing PanConnect at present. The attendees included Welsh Authorities and Providers and after viewing the systems functionality, an open forum was held to discuss how we could work together to improve things in the sector by creating integration tools that could be used by everyone to link systems together.


Innovation Award Nomination

We are proud to announce that this year, one of our customers has put us forward for an award. The Promoting Independence Awards ceremony takes place on 1st December in Cardiff and we have been nominated for the Innovation Award.