Business Solution

business-solutionContinued pressures on the sector mean the need for more efficient solutions. streamlining cultures, communication methods and systems can all impact on the support of clients.

Analysed and cleansed data can ensure a flow of correct and relevant information to multiple departments across the business. Instant access to reliable and current data gives confidence to frontline staff to resolve issues and gain better outcomes

Duplicated data across multiple systems can be a waste to any organisation. PanConnect filters correct, analysed and relevant data into one place ensuring a process improvement, cost savings and an overall improved level of service.

With the ever-changing cuts to benefits and the introduction of Universal Credit, PanConnect can allow you to make sense of all of your data, turning it into ‘Smart Data’ giving you the tools to spot clients likely to go into arrears and pre-empt any issues that may arise. Along with issuing other data relevant to departments such as outstanding servicing or repairs.

PanConnect is the chosen digital inclusive software that integrates with MULTIPLE back end systems giving any organisation multiple services from one solution.

PanConnect’s Central Data warehouse allows detailed analysis to take place on all the data held within our customers environment triggering rule based events that affect messages going out to end users via SMS, email, the Portal and alerts to operatives in the field. A true outcome of BIG DATA analysis, making the analytics into real events without need for human intervention.