Care and Support

The PanConnect Care & Support system has been developed, in partnership with, and designed by, people in Care and Support. One of the key contributors has been the Pobl Group (the largest supported Registered Social Landlord in Wales), specifically for the needs of the Supporting People sector.

Key Features Include:

Referral: Initiated at any time, the operator is taken through a selection of forms collecting relevant data required.

Booking In: Fields automatically populated from the referral are carried through to the booking in stage, continuing a selection of forms and documents being digitally signed by both operator and customer. Void properties and key workers are presented in the system and a selection can be chosen based on needs

Case Management: Needs assessments followed step by step, highlighting each area of risk in more detail and a key working tool are used to manage all interactions.

Risk Management: Stages of risk are generated, and digital forms generated to assess the risk into categories.

File Management & Reporting: Once a record is created, file management is made simple; access to all, updatable and prepopulated forms when needed. Reporting from different areas gives an easy view for targets and support areas